February 20, 2015

50 Cent & G-Unit "A History of Violence" (Vibe, 2007)

50 Cent was born in 1975 ... 8 years later, his mother is found dead in her home, due to a mysterious fire. In '94, 50 catches a drug charge ... a month later, while executing a warrant, they find dirt in his Queens home and he's sentenced to 6 months of boot camp in Beaver Dams, NY. 6 years later, he's involved in an altercation with Murder Inc at the Hit Factory ... he suffers a knife wound in the fight. 2 months later - after 50 has recorded and released his hit "How To Rob" - 50 is shot 9 times outside his grandmother's house ... he survives the shooting. 11 months later, in Jersey City, gunmen open fire at 50 and his crew; authorities believed the shooting was directed at 50. A year after that - in 2004 - Young Buck catches a case at the Vibe Awards for stabbing the man who allegedly punched Dr. Dre earlier in the evening. In Feb of 2005, after 50 announces that The Game is no longer a part of G-Unit, an alleged associate of The Game was shot. In February of 2006, Tony Yayo is brought in for questioning over the death of Busta Rhymes' manager, but is never charged. Tony Yayo turned himself in for a separate assault the following year, after its alleged that he attacked the son of Jimmy Henchmen. At the time of this article, the last piece of violence occured in 2007 when Tony Yayo's Queens home is shot up, but no one was hurt. As you can imagine, more has allegedly transpired since, but at this point, who can keep track of it all?