February 22, 2015

Cormega "The Testament" (Vibe, August 2008)

"After an affectionate shout out from Nas on 1994's "One Love" and an appearance on The Firm's 1996 hit "Affirmative Action" landed him a brief stint in the short-lived supergroup, Cormega was thought to be the next in a long line of poetic Queensbridge MCs. But after battles with Def Jam, the ex-con's 1996 debut was locked away in the label's vault, unheard by the masses. "Available on the Web for years but not as an official release until 2005, The Testament showcases an MC with an eye for the details, detours and dead-ends of the New York drug game. It should have solidified Cormega's place among a golden generation of 'Bridge-associated rappers. Instead, it's just another overlooked relic of Eastern aggression." - Vibe, August 2008. Peep "One Love," below... a real gem.

The full album review in Vibe Magazine is below...