February 08, 2015

Shabazz The Disciple "Death Be The Penalty" (1995)

Shabazz The Disciple aka Scientific Shabazz is an MC out of the Red Hook Houses of Brooklyn. An original member of the Sunz Of Man, he appeared on "Diary Of The Madman" by the Gravediggaz and dropped "Death Be The Penalty" in 1995, with follow-up singles leading up to his planned debut album in 1998, but it went unreleased. The album "The Book Of Shabazz" finally dropped in 2003, including the old joints and more. Along with work with Freestyle of the Arsonists, he's also done collab work with Killah Priest and most recently, Hell Razah for the release of "Welcome To The Red Hook Houses" in 2008 as T.H.U.G. Angels. Beyond that, there have been some compilations and mixtapes released here and there. A lot of MCs built their style around his flow and messaging, a strong-minded brother with hella bars. Watch the video below discussing his single "Death Be The Penalty," as well as the role religion plays in his music and earlier tracks like "Diary of a Madman." 

Also, check the visuals to "Death Be A Penalty."