February 05, 2015

Black Moon "How Many eMCees?" (Video, 1993)

Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" was an important record for me and for New York. For me, the promotion of the album and its eventual release took me from middle school, over that summer, and into my freshman year in High School. My boy's older brother had an advance copy, back when "Who Got Da Props?" was already burning up New York radio from the year prior ('92). When "How Many eMCee's? dropped, it was the summer of '93 and the album dropped in the fall, taking me into a new school and a whole new stage in my life. Due to all the remixes, it forced me to dig more into vinyl; I started making tapes and really was consumed by the culture. Da Beatminerz's production brought a new flavor to the city & as a kid from Queens, that just became what Hip-Hop from Brooklyn sounded like to me. Later, the Wu had 36 Chambers reppin' Staten Island; Nas hit with Illmatic & Mobb Deep with The Infamous for Queens & maybe with all that (and more), Black Moon got somewhat left out the conversation of who originally brought NY back ... but like all things, the first one over the hill takes the hit. I think in retrospect, history remembers Black Moon in its rightful place & the whole Boot Camp Clik has been solidified as legends in the game. Listen below.