April 20, 2014

The Beatnuts "Intoxicated Demons" (Video Interview, 1993)

"Intoxicated Demons" was the debut EP release from The Beatnuts on April 20, 1993. At the time, The Beatnuts were a trio consisting of Psycho Les, JuJu and Fashion (later known as Al' Tariq). The Beatnuts had been producing records for years prior to this release, and it's been said that frustrations with how some artists represented over their production was the inspiration for them to get in the booth and do it themselves. The EP had two singles "Reign Of The Tec" and "No Equal," and was well received by fans and media alike. As Queens representatives, The Beatnuts were considered peripheral members of the Native Tongues crew, and the only Latino members at that. Crates of JR released a video interview The Beatnuts had done in promotion of the "Intoxicated Demons" EP, which I hadn't seen at the time, so it's worth sharing below. Check it out, and I'll come back with press clippings and music from the release in a future discussion of this underrated EP.