April 08, 2014

Now Born Click "Movin bw X-Fyles" (12", 1998)

A nice 12" from Now Born Click, released independently some time between 1997-1998 on Now Born Entertainment. The Now Born Click - Bombay, Born-God, Ill God, Bullet Proof, Soldier, Nitty Wu, Fred Da Flip, & P Live - were from the New Brighton area of Staten Island. Their first release was in late 1993 with "Now Born Soldiers" on Phat Wax Records. The song had underground success, and after moving on from Phat Wax, they released the remix on StepSun Entertainment in 1995. At the time, StepSun was also pushing the Troubleneck Brothers & the test press release from Death Camp. I haven't heard too many positive stories from artists that worked with StepSun so it's no surprise they moved on from the label. In 1997-1998, the NBC returned (minus a few members?) on this 12" here: "Movin" and "X-Fyles" with production from Bombay on both tracks. I think this is the best release in their catalog, but it was unfortunately the last official NBC release (to my knowledge). NBC members have released solo material & there are loosies that have resurfaced over the years, but for now, let's dig into the 12" below. Got more info/corrections? Lemme know.