April 26, 2014

Joell Ortiz "Covers The Classics" (Mixtape, 2009)

"One quarter of the Slaughter," BX lyricist Joell Ortiz dropped this mixtape back in '09, rhyming over some of Hip-Hop's most historic instrumentals. Linking up with DJ Green Lantern, this is a 31-track mix and he blacks out on a lot of these tracks! One of the last MCs to try and tackle so many legendary beats on one project. I remember being outside a venue in '09; I was waiting to go into a event that the homie Neil Armstrong was DJing. I was standing behind a guy and we started talking just to pass the time: neither of us knowing anything about one another, but eventually it comes up that I work at Fat Beats, manage a few artists, yada yada and he played a key role over at a major site for mixtapes at the time. I asked him what their biggest mover was at the time, and sure enough, it was this Joell mixtape. We exchanged info and from then on, that site supported me and my artists heavily, drawing thousands of fans to our content ... I was greatly appreciative of that chance encounter. And, I obviously wasn't surprised that heads were diggin' this mixtape.