April 14, 2014

Chris Read "Classic Material: 1992" (Mix, 2011)

This mix in Chris Read's (2011) Classic Material series pays tribute to the hip hop of 1992, a year most notable for shifts in production techniques and styles and perhaps more importantly sampling trends. Abandoning over-saturated funk standards in favor of obscure jazz samples, producers such Showbiz, Diamond D, Q Tip and many others besides laid the foundations for the laid back jazz led sound that characterized countless East Coast classics of the early to mid 90s. On the West Coast, Dr Dre’s seminal Chronic LP also broke new ground in terms of production style with a polished classically LA sound that formed the blueprint for the ‘G Funk’ sound which ruled supreme throughout the early 90s. 1992 was an important year for me, these record take me back, big time!