April 30, 2014

Apache "Apache Ain't Sh!t" (The Source, 1993)

"The Flavor Unit has snuffed us in the grill with the hardcore rhymes from Naughty By Nature, the "trio from E.O." (East Orange, NJ). This year, the Flavor squad gives us a slamming debut from one of "Chilltown's" (Jersey City) best. Apache, the man who gave light to the "Gangsta Bitch," and got busy on Naughty's "1,2,3," gets things started right off the bat. After the intro track, he slides into "Tonto," a braggadocio type joint where he flips rhymes about hittin' skinz with his main man Tonto ... Another stand out is the innovative "Do Fa Self," where Apache flips rhymes with a nine-year old kid about the dangers of livin' large by foul means. While a good portion of this album deals with sex and could be seen as disrespectful to women, Apache is more than willing to make amends... Production-wise, the album thrills, with some of hip-hop's finest taking control. Diamond D drops by and digs in his vast supply of crates and comes up with plenty of dust on his fingers and a little slime under his fingernails. "Git Ya Weight Up" is sure to make a hip-hop junkie's hair stand on end with its hyped drumtrack and soulful horns. Not to be outdone, the Large Professor rolls out fat, island-tinged flavor on "Hey Girl." This album's diverse musical nature will make it a welcome addition to many collections. Apache is raw enough to appeal to underground heads, without closing the door on the casual, R&B oriented hip-hop consumer." - The Source, April 1993. (Updated)

The original review in The Source (April, 1993) is below...

R.I.P. Apache / Anthony Peaks (December 26, 1964 – January 22, 2010)