March 11, 2015

Apache "Gangsta Bitch" (The Source, 12/92)

"The Flavor Unit's self-proclaimed "Hip-Hop Green Beret" slows the pace down with an ode to the woman of his dreams. The ruff n' rugged Apache is man enough to admit that he needs a special woman to fulfill his needs. Q-Tip's compelling slow jam tracks makes this "Around the Way Girl" parody even more captivating. Has anybody seen this girl? "I need a gangsta b!tch, she don't sleep and she don't play / Stickin' up girls from around the f#ckin' way ... She's got charm / A firearm to match mine / Goin' to the movies packin' his and her nines / Motherf#ck the weather / On Valentine's Day doin' stick-ups together." Ahh yes, the perfect picture of young love." Cont'd below...

"On the flip side, Apache gets down to business, and unleashed his feared, rapid-fire lyrical skills. Rather than let someone else criticize him, he does it for you. You won't be able to say anything he hasn't already said about himself after you hear "Apache Ain't Sh!t." It gets no ruffer." - The Source, December 1992 // The Flavor Unit eMCee Apache passed away in 2010, may he rest in peace.