Monday, March 23, 2015

Heather B “My Kinda N#gga” 12” (1996)

Back in the early 90s, Heather B was down with the legendary Boogie Down Productions. With that, this 12” had production from Kenny Parker of the BDP and brother to KRS-One. Along with the classic golden era single, “All Glocks Down,” there were three 12” releases before Heather B & Pendulum Records got to the release of this M.O.P.-featured 12”, “My Kinda N#gga.” All in support of her debut album, "Takin Mine" in 1996. There was a video for this single, as well as “All Glocks Down,” I’m not sure if the others did as well? Heather B released a second album in 2002 called “Eternal Affairs.” Heather B later became a household name as a housemate on MTV’s Real World series, and has been a co-host on Sway in The Morning for a hot minute, as well. As a fun fact: Heather B is married to Horse from the Bravehearts, who she happened to meet on the subway 15+ years ago. I know she was working on music with DJ Premier, MoSS, and other heavyweight producers in 2010 because I heard some of it at an interview we did together up at NYU. Hopefully it's still coming. Now, back to '96, this is some classic 90s East Coast Hip-Hop. Listen below.