March 28, 2015

New Jersey Drive "Soundtrack" (1995)

One of my favorite soundtracks - both parts combined - is from 1995's New Jersey Drive. With soundtracks for Menace II Society and New Jack City reaching platinum sales, it's no wonder Tommy Boy went all-in creating the soundtrack to the car-theft movie of the 90s. Naturally, the project is heavy on New Jersey representation: Redman, Lords of the Underground, Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature & more, but there's plenty of outside influences stretching as far as down south with Outkast and the West Coast with Mac Mall & Young Lay. Even the smash R&B track "Can't You See," featuring Biggie, and hip-hop/reggae "Do What U Want" - all of which worked in their own regard. I remember when I was working in Manhattan, I left my VHS copy of the movie at a friend's crib and when I came back to get it, his older sister watched it and the look of disgust on her face told me she was not entertained by the film, lol. I saw it in theaters and ran it back on VHS and DVD over the years, I've always enjoyed the flick. When it comes to some things, I accept that nostalgia creeps into my mind and makes me remember things from the '90s with added sentimental value, so I'm real curious what y'all think ... am I bugging or was it a fresh hood film and a dope soundtrack? If I search hard enough I can probably find the ticket stub for when I saw it at the Elmwood in Elmhurst, Queens, which is no longer there - I think it was made into a church or something? That was a LOUD ass theater, lol. As for the music, it had E. Bros "Funky Piano," say no more!