March 09, 2015

Mister Cee "The Best Of Notorious B.I.G." (Mixtape, 1995)

The Finisher Mister Cee's "The Best of Notorious B.I.G." is arguably the definitive Biggie mixtape (even if it's not MY personal favorite). The cassette mix tape runs through a bunch of pre-internet rarities in Biggie's early catalog of records. Various joints with Super Cat, Mary J. Blige, Red Hot Lover Tone, Crustified Dibbs, Method Man, Heavy D, Da Brat, Big Daddy Kane, Total, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Pudgee Da Phat Bastard, Eddie F, LL Cool J, and more. Mister Cee gives a personal shout-out to "Junior Mafia, D, Puff Daddy, 50 Grand, Matt Life, and all the real muthaph#ckas who's been representing B.I.G. from the beginning." We'll always love Big Poppa ... Rest In Peace, Notorious B.I.G.