Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Capone N Noreaga "Top Of New York"

Top of New York. I'm diggin' through instrumentals and T.O.N.Y. comes on, then Stay Tuned, then Illegal Life, and so on ... a quick reminder of just how knockin' the beats were on The War Report. Their Queensbridge / Lefrak connection made history in Queens, too. Carrying the torch, they held it down after Nas dropped "It Was Written" and Mobb Deep dropped "Hell on Earth" in '96. The summer of '97 was CNN coming out the trunks of every car and if the crime rate was higher that summer, charge it to them too lol. You could debate whether Nore's unorthodox rhyme style could be considered lyrical in a traditional sense, but truth is, it was his personality that always shined through and for that, he was a captivating MC. It's no surprise that his career outside of music has flourished and then with that, he's able to double back and promote the music as well. The same could be said for Joe Budden, both well-suited for their new roles in media. "The War Report" was a moment in time captured and retold, now it's a timeless piece of hip-hop history. Live on, live long.