October 02, 2017

Boodah Bros Show Freestyles 90s (R.I.P. Kool DJ Law)

Props to Roc Smith, who uploaded these dope freestyles from Mad Skillz, SupaFriendz, Black Thought, Boot Camp Clik, Sadat X and Xzibit from the Boodah Bros Live From The Hood radio show on 103 Jamz back in the mid-90s. 103 Jamz is based in Norfolk, VA. Back in 2010, the hip-hop community mourned the death of 103 Jamz Program Director and radio personality, DJ Law, from the Boodah Brothers. DJ Law co-hosted the show with Big B, and Law had worked at the radio show since high school back in 1992. Rest In Peace, Kool DJ Law. Peep these freestyles below.