Monday, February 06, 2017

Anti-Lilly (Houston, TX) '14 Til' Infinity

Anti-Lilly Phoniks Don't Sleep Records

Anti-Lilly is an introspective lyricst from Houston, Texas. He is one of a few young artists whose careers I follow and I've already seen a lot of growth in his music. With a handful of projects released, most notably '91 Regal,' 'Stories From The Brass Section,' and 'Memoires & the 90s' (among others), his potential is limitless. What I dig most is that I can hear the therapy in his bars. Afterall, what is art if not something that makes you FEEL? He's an album artist, so I recommend giving his full projects a listen and let me know if you feel it too. He told me he's working on new music with Phoniks, so I'm definitely keeping an eye out for that. This is '14 Til,' an obvious but dope flip of the Souls of Mischief classic. Visit the links above for more music.