Thursday, October 15, 2015

Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus" (Rap Pages, 10/97)

"Wall-to-wall carpeting of unruliness, polluted sound bites and grimy aural landscapes lurk in the mystical chambers of the so-called underground. A land where schmucks like Dr. Octagon rule yonder while sipping on ethanol-laced prune juice and any dilettante trying to step foot with phallus-tinged fantasies in order to produce the almighty loochie can be met with a swift kick in the rear from the likes of Crazy Sam's henchman. From this unique dimension, where the modus operandi runs the gamut of hell-bent ostentation to after-hour shakedowns of dolt A&Rs, we find the trio of Company Flow - a group of lads from the East who attempt to bring the lost art of skills, originality and flavor back to the forefront of Hip-Hop. As part of the Indelible MCs clique, Company Flow have already made a rep for themselves amongst denizens of stunted stairways with bargain-store, rapid-fire references and subdued staccato instruments that break down the walls on present day, glossy manipulations. With the current acclaim of indie-manufactured product, Funcrusher Plus is undoubtedly top of the line, featuring singles released earlier with brand new shiners to erect a full-length album." Check out the audio to "8 Steps To Perfection," cont'd below...

"Fans of these cats will be especially snug with the previous available "8 Steps To Perfection," which astutely highlights their metaphorical mastery as lyricists El-Pee and Bigg Jus drop cordial jewels like, "When I rhyme, it get crazy hot and lyrics don't know how to act" to the bizarre "I'll fuck Laura Engels only when she done with her chores." Cuts such as "Krazy Kings" and "Collide & Intrude" show off more of their verbal dexterity, with the latter featuring a booming bass, alarms, Pac-Man munching sounds and ample scratching from third member DJ Mr. Len. The action continues to scintillate with "Info Kill II" and, undoubtedly the best cut, "Population Control" - a mesmerizing spurt of proficient colloquialism. Showing an ability to avoid the temptations of radio-chummy show tunes or oily stained samples, Company Flow not only keep within the principles of underworld law and order but manage to create utterly ridiculous Hip-Hop as Funcrusher Plus proves that the haves still don't ... and may never ... get it." - Rap Pages, October 1997.