May 16, 2015

The Combat Jack Show "Kool DJ Red Alert Episode"

The latest episode of the Combat Jack show features the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert. I had the pleasure of meeting him once at Fat Beats. He walked in humbly, walked straight to the back of the store and looked around. I recognized him immediately, of course, and instead of approaching him, I went to the back and alerted DJ Eclipse, who came out and greeted him in the back. As E walked back, he gave me a nod & I went over and offered help and paid my respect and admiration for all he's done for the culture. I'm glad that I got to do that; it's one of the many reasons I miss having Fat Beats in New York. Anyhow, the man of great character I met that day shows that same warm personality on the Combat Jack Show, where he gives a history lesson on the days of Kool Herc, Afrika Bambataa, Boogie Down Productions, the Juice Crew & of course, the birth of the Native Tongues and his years at Hot 97. All this and lots more, believe it ... Listen below.