May 22, 2015

Phife Dawg "If Men Are Dogs" (12", 1997)

Here's a lesser-known 12" from Phife Dawg of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. It's not especially rare, but it's not featured on his solo album "Ventilation: Da LP" in 2000 and was never released properly as a single back in 1997-1998. I dig when Phife busts out the West Indian flavor in his rhymes/flow. The minimalist production and humorous storytelling makes "If Men Are Dogs (Then What Are You)" a catchy track, but he could have done without the female vocals on the hook. It sounds overproduced for a track that's otherwise straight out the basement. If Phife didn't know this wasn't gonna make it to commercial radio, I'd bet he learned quickly. Sorry, Phife, you know it's all love. I hope he digs into the archives one day soon and gives us more material. Listen below.