May 14, 2015

Divine ScienZe: King I Divine & ScienZe

I came across Divine ScienZe's "Beyond The Point" as a loosie in a random playlist, enjoyed it enough to make me dig back and find out the who, what, where and why of its release. Divine ScienZe is ScienZe & King I Divine: their 2nd album is called "The Wake Up Album," which is aptly titled, since I was clearly sleeping on this and their self-titled debut. Speaking of their debut album, you will find a dope track called "Happiness Is" on it, which features fan-favorites Blu & Sene, and since there are so many dots that connect me to Sene and Blu, I imagine I musta been tipped off to its release, it just got lost in the shuffle. Too much noise! (I'm speaking to myself, but I'm sure you can relate, right?). Nevertheless, the right thing to do when you discover something dope, you should pay-it-forward, so below are "Beyond the Point" and "Happiness Is," click through for the albums.