Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Lords of the Underground 'Here Come The Lords' (1993)

‘I can’t forget New Jersey’ … Lords of the Underground (DoItAll, DJ Lord Jazz & Mr Funke) released their debut album, ‘Here Come The Lords,’ in 1993 via Pendulum/Elektra Records. I remember before the album dropped, they had singles getting rotation on late night radio and I was up with my finger on record trying to catch them. ‘Funky Child,’ ‘Psycho’ and ‘Check It’ were out long before the album dropped and they hadn’t even tapped the hit single ‘Chief Rocka,’ or ‘Here Come The Lords’ and ‘Tic Toc’ yet. I’m not taking any credit away from Marley Marl, but producers like K-Def and J-Force (on other projects) were doing a lot of uncredited work behind the scenes, so I want to make sure to salute K-Def for his work on this project. I know he’s done a lot of great records with the Lords. Lords of the Underground will forever be mentioned among the greats out of New Jersey (Newark) and they certainly get that international love, which DoItAll addresses on his collab project with Bunty Beats called ‘Beats & Rhymes Vol.1.’ It should also be said that DoItAll is doing amazing work in his community and deserves a salute for that! In 2012, DJ Lord Jazz release a project of his own called ‘The Plain Dealer,’ which features the Lords of the Underground, Cella Dwellas, Sticky Fingaz, K-Def, Treach & lots more.