March 17, 2022

Happy Born Day, Sean P! (Words by BigGhostLtd)

When you can't find the right words, look to the homie, BigGhostLtd: "I dont mean for this to be like one of them “back in the good ol days…” type write-ups…I promise. But it might be. We can talk talent or money or industry plants or whatever else. But if you could pinpoint the root cause of what prevents shit from becoming a shit show…it would come down to some very synonymous things... rules, guidelines, boundaries, GATES. What makes the gates even more effective is GATE-KEEPERS. See record labels and businesses PERIOD gon' do record label shit. And if the labels do it right the masses gon' eat all that trash up regardless. It's how we ended up having Vanilla Ice n em. But Vanilla Ice was never embraced by or propped up by the culture. Had KRS-One or Chuck D or Ice Cube or any other respectable artist at the time welcomed him n certified him as a legitimate artist it might be a different story. YES the Vanilla one was able to get a hit off n sell a quick 10 mil but he wasn't able to sustain a career in the game or continue to make a living off a culture he disrespected in every way possible. These days all you need is a pulse and a poppin TikTok dance.. or a cool 3 minutes to do some due diligence on one of the infinite alternative avenues of pure f#ckery at your disposal to catch a hit. The thing is when you no longer need to struggle or overcome anything… or actually possess any hunger or talent… you get the talentless weirdos runnin' shit n gentrification rap we see making a mockery of the culture so often today. When the man born Sean Duval Price was still roaming the earth n making life hell for the lesser gifted… not raking in platinum plaques n stacking millions... being broke but still somehow a fly ass living legend n considered one of the greatest MCs to ever breathe.. he wasn't biting his tongue or kissing ass to jump on songs with the biggest superstars. He wasn't afraid to make it uncomfortable for MFs. I don't think any other rapper ever took time to shit on another rapper just cuz his name happened to rhyme with whatever he happened to be rhyming in the line before it. Very few rappers inspired me as a writer. The obvious one would be Ghostface. But the one who inspired the content was the almighty Sean P." Sean Price would have turned 50 years old today! R.I.P to the late great, Sean P!