March 18, 2022

"Wild Style" (1982)

Universally hailed as the first hip-hop movie, "Wild Style" captures New York's hip-hop culture circa 1981 and several prominent figures including Busy Bee Starski; Fab 5 Freddy; the Cold Crush Brothers; and one of the godfathers of hip-hop, Grandmaster Flash. A movie whose influence cannot be underestimated and hailed as the most inspirational hip-hop of movie of all time, "Wild Style" immortalizes the birth of the underground hip-hop scene about to explode around the world, changing the face of music, fashion, art, and a way of life forever. Following street artist Zorro (played by legendary subway artist Lee QuiƱones) and his crew as they journey through the streets, projects, and train yards of New York, keeping one step ahead of the cops and their rivals, the film climaxes in one of the most famous hip-hop concerts in history. Featuring the pioneers at the forefront of a cultural revolution including DJs, emcees, and breakers such as Grandmaster Flash, the Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Fab 5 Freddy, the Rock Steady Crew, and the Cold Crush Brothers, "Wild Style" is the greatest hip-hop movie of all time. You've gotta revisit Wild Style every so often, why not today? Watch the trailer below and let me know, were you outside at the time??

Below are some publicity photos from Wild Style...