April 24, 2020

Da King & I "Video Explosion" (Interview, 1993)

Da King & I are DJ Majesty and Izzy Ice. In 1993, they were interviewed by Pat and DJ Finesse on Video Explosion, where they gave background on the group - specifically, Majesty working with Howie Tee and Chubb Rock in the early days, their first single "Soul Man" back in 1988, as well as Majesty's role in the movie Juice; the meaning of their single "Flip Da Script;" Rowdy Records and their debut album "Contemporary Jeep Music." To end the interview on a positive note, Majesty and Izzy share: "If you're in school, I advise you not to drop out of school just to purse a rap career or any career in the music industry. Finish your education and stay close to your family too - that's number 1" ... and musically, "Make sure you're on your own vibe, don't try to emulate whatever is out there ... Do it yourself so that people can wanna be like you!" Their debut was soulful and jazzy hip-hop with great storytelling and original flows. It was largely slept-on but remains a cult-classic to those of us in the know, so check out the full interview below and hit the tags for videos, reviews and more. Izzy has some new music out - he can be followed here and Majesty is here.

Update: I was asked what my favorite tracks are from the album - for starters, Tears is my favorite cut on the project and the 12", which included the Darp Vibe Mix. Then "Krak Da Weazel," "Mr. All That," and both the original "Flip Da Script" and the DJ Premier remix. Grab the 12" releases as well as the album and the 7" or 12" of Soul Man while you're at it. One of their early adverts is below...