April 06, 2020

Jay-Z "Dead Presidents" (The Source, 4/96)

"Jay-Z is an MC outta Brooklyn whose "Dead Presidents" has already gotten much airplay on NY's Hot 97. The cut works off a smooth piano loop and a sample of Nas' famous line: "I'm out for dead presidents to represent me." But it stands out from your average radio jam because of Jay-Z's tight flow and deep lyrics. "Dead Presidents" is not the typical loot tribute that we've come to expect, but an intelligent, cautionary tale: "I'm here to tell n!ggas that it ain't all swell / there's heaven, then there's hell / one day you're cruising in your 7 / next day you're sweatin' forgetting your lies / alibis ain't matchin' up / bullshit catchin' up." Peep the Making of Dead Presidents...

"The B-side, "Ain't No N!gga," uses the same beat that the Alkaholiks wrecked on "Only When I'm Drunk." The extra catchy chorus has a female / male dialogue - "Ain't no n!gga like the one I got / No one can f#ck you better" - that you won't be able to get out of your head. Here Jay-Z displays his impressive tongue twisting skills as he details his honey slayin' exploits. But the track is almost stolen by guest rapper Foxy Brown, who made a name for herself on LL Cool J's "I Shot Ya" remix. Her x-rated lyrics will have brothers jumping for the rewind button. Jay-Z has delivered two very tight jams, and his full length joint, Reasonable Doubt, should be one to check for." - The Source

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