April 16, 2020

Soul Supreme "Check The Rhime" b/w "Lyrics To Go"

Here are two new tracks by Amsterdam-based, Jerusalem-born keyboardist, DJ & producer Soul Supreme! The tracks are homages to iconic hip-hop tracks “Check The Rhime” & “Lyrics To Go” from a jazz perspective. “I want to take the listener on a trip to overlook tracks they know, but from a different perspective,” says Soul Supreme. “I try to go 'in and out' of the ATCQ tracks so the listener never knows what’s going to happen next. My overall goal is to give existing music my own twist. I don’t want to sound like a rehash of something listeners have heard before.” Soul Supreme's Jazz renditions of these timeless classics reflect the kind of improvisation that makes music so refreshing. These tracks are available on an exclusive 7" viny, order it HERE and enjoy!