January 07, 2020

The Original 50 Cent (Documentary, 2005)

During the late 1980s, at the height of New York's brutal crack cocaine epidemic, one man terrorized the city's most notorious gangsters. Armed with a bulletproof vest and an arsenal of weapons, he robbed, killed and extorted Brooklyn's biggest hustlers. A cold-blooded crook, he was the 'hood's version of Billy the Kid, bragging that - one day - he would get rich or die trying... His name was Kelvin Martin. Most knew him simply as "50 Cent", as told on the this 2005 documentary entitled, The Original 50 Cent by Froi Cuesta and Tony Turner. The documentary is hosted by veteran journalist, Bonz Malone, and there are cameos from DJ Scratch, Eric B, 50 Cent and more. If the documentary gets pulled by YouTube, please give me a headsup, so I can update this AGAIN.