January 13, 2020

Rawkus Records "Soundbombing" (Vibe, 1998)

Soundbombing is like sex: Some moves may turn you off--but hold on for the meaningful moments. Shabaam Sahdeeq's epic "Arabian Nights" and Black Attack's rough but melodic "My Crown" prime you like a message. Cerebral B-boys Mos Def and Talib Kweli kiss their Native Tongue-esque tracks with charming integrity. You'll lose control with the nasty-ass Middle Eastern loop and bass drum of Indelible MCs' orgasmic "Fire In Which You Burn." You'll savor Evil Dee's skilled mixing and cuts. But when Meth-wannabe RA the Rugged Man fucks "Flipside" like a two-dollar crack ho--yuck. Still, don't abandon this album. Soundbombing is a keeper. - Vibe, 2/98. It was released in the fall of '97.

Unfortunately, the album isn't on streaming platforms, so YouTube might work?