January 04, 2020

Westside Gunn "Flyest Nig@@ In Charge" (Mixtape, 2005)

"Before they became one of the most exciting teams to come out of New York, the Griselda crew went through their own rigors of trying to stand out in a sea full of rappers. After delivering their major-label debut album, WWCD, Westside Gunn has shared one of his very first projects. Dubbed Flyest Nig@@ In Charge, Mixtape Vol. 1, the 26-track outing — which was originally released in 2005, and is hitting the DSPs for the very first time — gives a bit of insight into the sound Gunn was developing during the nascent stages of his career. There’s even appearances from the late Machine Gun Blak, which will be the first time many of us will be hearing him on wax." - via 2DBZ. It may be a while before I fully sit with the project, so I'm sharing the release info from 2DBZ... but I trust it's a nice glimpse into Westside's early come-up as an artist. I'd heard that he had to go on the run and this tape was never released... until now. Sounds good so far... minus all the rough skits.