December 25, 2019

A Very Nostalgic Christmas To Everyone + Mix

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y'all! I appreciate you for finding this site - I know I never make it easy by promoting it, so if you've been following since my old websites OR just happened to stumble upon it thanks to Google searches, welcome ... For this year's Christmas, I present you with MICK (f/k/a) Mick Boogie's unconventional A Very MICK Christmas mix from last year. In his own words: "Like most people, I think the overabundance of Christmas music this time of year is horrible and cheesy. However… if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that not only is there amazing holiday music, but there is LOTS of it. So for this project, I put together a retro, funky, soulful, classic mix of Christmas songs that will get you in the holiday spirit but also keep your head nodding the entire time. James Brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Smith, Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones… the list goes on and on. And for the intro, we even got the legendary DMC of Run-DMC to remake his classic holiday anthem: Christmas In Hollis.” Like EPMD said, "Don't Over Do It Holmes," make time and kindness be the best gifts you give this year! Peace.