January 06, 2018

The Genius & Ol' Dirty Bastard Freestyle (Video Music Box, 1991)

Flasback to 1991 and we have The Genius and Ol' Dirty Bastard, freestyling in a bathroom for Video Music Box. The video resurfaced a couple years back with Ol' Dirty Bastard kickin' the beatbox and The Genius spittin' bars like, "...When I begin to wreck a hip-hop tune / The crowd reacts immediately, if not soon / I'm black and proud, I move the crowd / I'm raised from Hell, yo / My lyrics alone rock the bell!" + "Some come in the game and project the hard image / But they can't never get past the line of scrimmage / 'Cause I'm on a defense, what a tough sequence / And you lack the knowledge to understand a pretense" and "You were just weak from the start / You make demos, but really don't master the art / I know ya know deep down inside you can't flow / Plus, you're backwards, when I said red, you said "Go!" / But you should've stopped, because the red was the bloodshed / But you ignored the warning and you went ahead / You tried me, G, by setting up a match / A fair one, meaning no strings attached, then bang!" The Genius' album on Tommy Boy should've been something more special than it was, but ... I'd say things worked out well in the end!