January 15, 2018

Mr. Mayhem & DJ Riz "NY Live Radio Show" (Jan. 15, 1997)

From the archives of DJ Eclipse comes another classic NYC radio show from the '90s. This show features "90 minutes of NYUness right here with this Mayhem/Riz joint. At the 11:22 mark, DJ Scratch gets on to do his thing for a few songs. Totally murders KRS "The MC" at 20:39. Riz jumps back on at 33:00 to finish out the show, but not before some dope verses from Aasim D'Xplicit (58:12)." Just hearing the name Aasim D'Xplicit brings memories of those Loud Records days when they dropped "The Set Up" and Aasim's track "Fly Shit" was one of the greatest standouts on the cassette. He signed to Loud Records at any early age thanks to their A&R Schott Free. With an obvious influence by labelmate Big Pun, the few records we heard at the time were phenomenal, but unfortunately a full-length was never released by Loud. He bounced around doing a bunch of mixtapes and signed with Puff to Bad Boy in 2004-2005. His debut album "The Money Pit," was released on the label with little-to-no-promotion, aside from a few clippings of him hyping Puff's album ("Press Play"), which he was a featured on as a writer. There's a bunch of solid mixtape content out there if you can dig it up. In the meantime, dig into this radio show from January 15, 1997; NY Live with Mr. Mayhem, Sunset & DJ Riz on 89.1 WNYU. Much respect to DJ Eclipse.