January 14, 2018

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh "La Di Da Di" (Video, 1985)

"No one will ever forget the almighty Slick Rick, in part because of the four nonsensical words that started his illustrious MC career: "La Di Da Di." Released as the B-Side of Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew's 1985 smash hit "The Show," the famed vocal has endured even longer than its flip. Sampled by dozens of producers, covered by lyrical ascendant Snoop Dogg, cut up by DJs ad infinitum, and memorized by most Americans old and/or schooled enough to remember the hip-hop explosion of the eighties, it endures as Rick's defining rhyme, and is still part of his stage show." - Check The Technique, Brian Coleman. Is this the greatest B-Side of all-time? Watch Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh performing their classic, La Di Da Di!, live below and "Um, don't cry, dry your eye..."

Happy Born Day, Slick Rick! The 12" and signed photo cont'd below...