November 07, 2015

Film Skool Rejekts "The Workprint" (Mixtape, 2008)

Film Skool Rejekts The Greatest Mixtape of all Time CD Cassette

In the time I worked at Fat Beats, I saw countless artists come into the store to drop off demos, giveaways and even submit projects for consignment. Add them all together and it was only a small few that really deserved special attention. To me, one of those projects was from Film Skool Rejekts. The group was Cyrus The Great, Future Joyner, Sheen Phillips and DJ Prince. It might sound arrogant to call your mixtape 'The Greatest Mixtape of All Time,' but they put their best foot forward on all elements of their project. Cyrus The Great has since released a great production album called 'King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me' and for those that don't know, Future Joyner changed his name to Joyner Lucas, released a couple solid mixtapes (hit the tags), some great concept records, a blazing freestyle at the BET Cipher, and went on to sign a major deal with Atlantic Records for $2M. On cassette store day, FSR released this limited cassette tape, and of course, I supported it. Mind you, the CD was '08, but the cassette didn't get released until 2014. As of today, you can still download the digital version with the 'name your price' option on Bandcamp. Also, DJ Prince has a solid album called 'Test My Sound' that you should check out too. I should have posted this sooner, but it's never too late to share dope music! Listen to it below...