November 23, 2015

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien "No Need For Alarm" (Rap Pages, 11/93)

"Del tha Funke Homosapien burst into the world of Hip-Hop a full two years ago with his dope-if-often puzzling debut I Wish My Brotha George Was Here. As a cousin of Cube and a member of the Street Knowledge posse, he was given a suitably P-Funky birth. In '93, he returns with his sophomore effort No Need For Alarm. Both Cube and Pooh are long gone from the production credits, and they have taken George and the funk with them. What is left behind on ... Alarm is experimental, difficult and original - this is an album for the hardcore b-boys. Del has the ability to choose odd, quirky beats and has developed a real skill for fast drum matching abstract lyrics. The often-preachy tone of his debut album has been replaced by "a new way to say what is clever," to quote the opening track, "You're in Shambles." In the last year, nongangster Hip-Hop has blossomed in the Bay Area. Both FM20 and the Hieroglyphics (Souls of Mischief, Hobo Junction and Casual) have captured many eyes and ears with their brands of West Coast b-boyism. Del has been very instrumental in this. Many hope that this album will confirm Del's spot at the top of the heap..."

"No Need For Alarm bristles with tight bass lines, jangling pianos, stiff snares and even an occasional cello - you will not have heard any of these beats before. Lyrically, Del has moved into styling, and conceptually he covers the territory of MC concerns in ways that are often new and humorous. "Check It Out" tells of a bad review he received from a dull, too-critical bitch writer. "Wrong Place" tells of the perils of living in close proximity to continual gun-play. For my money the fattest track on here is the posse cut "No More Worries" - a straight Bay Area open-mike session. Del gets mad dap for originality and for sticking to the difficult path of expanding the music. This album is definitely worth the duckets - the more I listen, the more I like." - Rap Pages, November 1993.