November 28, 2015

Mic Geronimo "The Natural" (The Source, 12/95)

"Comin' straight outta "crazy ass Queens" is Mic Geronimo. The latest soldier of the Queens revolution opened heads up with "Shit's Real" a short while back. Now he returns with his long anticipated debut, The Natural. Close listening is a requisite for nearly all of Mic's songs. Slip, and you could miss the entire theme. He's the intricately abstract. Mic's got that Nas, Mobb Deep type flow, but he brings more cadence and expressiveness in his delivery - one that shines on the prior single release, "Masta I.C." Smooth melodic xylophone textures chime in and out as the beat drops and the hook flows: "I'm so high, you so high / I'll be gettin' money 'til the day that I die." Cont'd...

"The album also has a phat remix of Masta I.C." that hits you with totally new dimensions: female vocals, a phat guitar lick and the lyrical prowess of the Lost Boyz' Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tah. Mic's call and response hooks work for most of the album, but at times the flava becomes monotonous. One workable exception is "Wherever You Are." The joint coats crisp handclap drums with a deliberate bassline and a smooth guitar. Mic the player gots to get high, chill, party with the ladies, have fun with the crew, and if need be, handle his business. Other cuts to peep are "Three Stories High," "Sharane," a phat toe tapper about a shorty goin' for the gusto and "Men vs. Many," which features lyrical appearances by O.C. and Royal Flush. Tho' The Natural possesses an overabundance of skits and intros, Mic Geronimo delivers enough flavors to prove that shit's real..." - The Source.