November 27, 2015

UGeorge "The Many Faces Of" (Album Stream)

"Hailing from St. Thomas V.I., UGeorge is a talent and a force to be reckoned with within the entertainment industry. Being raised by a family of musicians, he is an accomplished singer, percussionist and guitarist and a breath of fresh air in today's copy cat format of hip hop. Deeply steeped in his caribbean culture, he always finds a way of incorporating his influences without seeming pretentious. UGeorge was fortunate enough to be living in New York at the time of hip hop's golden era and has seen the game evolve. From his time of seeing Afrika Bambaataa and the Dynamic Rockers at park jams, to sharing the stage with the likes of Wu Tang and The Pharcyde, he has always kept the music first and thus is reflected in his insightful lyrics. As he frequently says, "If they can't see your vulnerability, they can't really see you". UGeorge is also a part of the super conglomerate known to the world as Soundsci, which includes fellow lyricists Oxygen, Audessey and Supastition. As well as producers Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba. His solo record entitled Many Faces of UGeorge, gives the listener a peek into the complex mind of this artist as he attempts to show different perspectives of life through a grown man's eyes." - Press Kit (2015) // Listen to it below...

Original press kit from UGeorge's "The Many Face of UGeorge"