November 19, 2016

Foxy Brown "Ill Na Na" (Press Kit, 1996)

"Vocally soaring through the rap soundscape like a hip-hop diva, 17-year old Foxy Brown is taking no prisoners on her beautifully crafted debut disc simply titled Ill Na Na. "I think my album may surprise a lot of people," says Foxy. "Some seem to have made the assumption that I only rap about clothes, diamonds and cars. In my previous remix performances I touched on those things, but on Ill Na Na I finally get my chance to perform full length song and prove that's not all that I'm about." Without previously releasing even a single, Foxy Brown has become one of the most popular artists of '96 after appearing on a number of the most important Black records of the year. "I owe a lot to LL Cool J. He gave me my break by asking me to rap on "I Shot Ya," explains Foxy. "On that song my voice was like lighter fluid being poured on a flame - the fire became greater." In addition to LL's now classic jam, Foxy's smoky voice would go on to lace Total's "No One Else," remix, the proclaimed rap duet of the year "Ain't No..." with Jay-Z, Toni Braxton's "You're Makin' Me High" remix and Case's brilliant platinum-plus single "Touch Me, Tease Me." ... After a fierce bidding war with other labels, Foxy decided to make Def Jam her musical home." Revisit Foxy Brown's LP + press bio cont'd below...

"On Ill Na Na, Foxy offers a fresh outlook on life as a young Black woman today. She explores a large scope of issues that relate to her experience growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn as well as spending time on the diverse streets of Manhattan. She makes no apologies for her views, sensuality and natural confidence. "I try to make my songs as realistic as possible," explains Foxy. "Since I write all my own material, I can only explore my own experiences. I try and touch on everything and illustrate the common bonds between young people and especially young women. I'm enjoying my youth and feel that now is my time to shine." Produced by Trackmasters, Puffy, Mobb Deep and more, Ill Na Na's first single couples Foxy with Blackstreet on the soon to be smash entitled "Get Me Home." - Press Bio, 1996. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the LP's release.