Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Joe Budden "Rage & The Machine" / "I Wanna Know"

"For me it’s deeper than music, much deeper than music
They stole our musical freedom, up next it’s freedom of music
As a tenth grade drop-out I'm watching the aftermath
Of everything streaming and doing the extremist
This is true shit, don't take a genius to see the genius is stewing
Ain't got the reach to do it, so let me reach who can do it..."

Rage & The Machine, the latest album from Joe Budden, with production by AraabMuzick. A lot of the press for this album was overshadowed by the Drake beef, but when the smoke clears - as always - fans will have a lot to digest with this latest offering. Stand-out tracks include: "I Wanna Know," "I Gotta Ask," "Uncle Joe" and "Idols" - whereas, I did not love the featured tracks with Fabolous, Tory Lanez or Joell Ortiz, but I rarely gravitate to the singles. Budden, a front-man for "what to do" and "what NOT to do," and a trailblazer for letting fans behind the curtain, I sit with his projects for weeks to catch all the layers of introspection in his bars. In part, I can see that Joe just wanted to take it back to rhyming - hard beats, dope rhymes & some medicine sprinkled in for those that catch it. I wasn't mad at all when he dropped a Drake diss the same day as "Flex" - again, that track wasn't for me anyway, but how about this instead ....

"...A love that's tideful, never prideful
If you're truly better without me how can I spite you?
As I yearn for the greatest love I ever had
Pardon me, kid, I'm still learning how to be a dad
We be in spots you shouldn't be in 'till you grown
I was absent so long I'm just not leaving you home
So nah, too much to learn, too much world out there..."