November 08, 2016

DJ Spinbad "Illection Mix" (Mixtape)

Today is election day and we all (in the U.S.) have a decision in front of us - we have to cast our vote to pick the next President of the United States! You are entitled to your opinion, your political party and your affiliations. I even understand those of you who feel like it's choosing between the lesser of the two evils - I get it, these are unusual times! However, I think it's imperative we all get out there and vote today. To keep this on brand... I am sharing this mix that Spinbad recently posted - a ridiculous “Illection” mix that should be your soundtrack for the entire voting and election day experience. Stream it in full below and make sure you GO OUT AND VOTE. In my opinion, some of DJ Spinbad's mixtapes changed the game, and his skills are undeniable! Icons such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the late DJ AM have called the native New Yorker their “favorite DJ”, mostly due to his masterful technical skill, party-rocking ability and musical versatility. Spinbad is definitely a DJ to study and model yourself after... So, all that said - pop this in and hit the pavement to go out and VOTE today!