November 29, 2016

Ei8trak "Cheers" (1998)

Ei8 is short for Ei8track; an MC out of the Bronx, New York. He was down with Mass Vinyl Recordings; a label discussed on here a few times from the 90s. Ei8 was part of the group Parallax (and now part of The Faculty). He dropped a couple 12" releases in the late 90s, and this one in particular had a B-Side joint called "Cheers," with production from Garsha Vega. He flips the popular television show theme to "Cheers," and with the hard drums, actually pulls it off. I first heard the track on a mixtape by DJ Promo, who serviced mixtapes to a spot called Numbers Records in Queens in the 90s. There was one on Fresh Pond Road that relocated to Myrtle Avenue and one in Jackson Heights. Anyhow, the 12" features another B-Side joint called "Are You Ready Son?" with fan-favorite Hi-Tech too - both songs making it worth picking up a copy of this 12". If anyone has any of those 90s tapes from DJ Promo, please shoot me an email about 'em. Listen below and props to Mike Nice.