August 19, 2016

Royal Flush "Ghetto Millionaire" (The Source, 3/97)

"One in 650,000! That's your chances of being dealt a Royal Flush: the perfect hand in a game of straight Poker. Likewise, the odds of you purchasing a classic album in the game of hip-hop nowadays seems close to those numbers as well. So why, pray tell, do we continue to support this art form amidst such unfavorable odds? Well, mom dukes always told us not to gamble, but the possible musical rewards seem to turn even the most frugal of betters into compulsive high-rollers in search of that elusive jackpot. With that said, let us ante up, gentleman... Introducing Royal Flush, today's featured gambler, and accompanying him to the betting table is Ghetto Millionaire, his debut album. Far from a long shot, the Flushing, Queens native first secured himself a seat at the soloist table via his laudable contributions on labelmate and confidante Mic Geronimo's The Natural, and his underground shiner, "Movin' On Ya Weak Production." Check "Iced Down Medallions," cont'd...

"Following in the tradition of great MC's from his hometown, Flush displays an unyielding flow and fierce syntactical rhetoric on the plush "Iced Down Medallions," featuring Noreaga, the brilliant NYC pledges of allegiance "Rotten Apple" and "Worldwide," and the breezy Buckwild-blessed "Everyday Dream." With the topic of domestic abuse currently high on the nation's consciousness, Flush's ice-cold narrative "Hard Times" is sure to garner some attention. Fed up with the physical abuse of his father on his family, Flush decides to take matters into his own hands: "I went downstairs and grab the nine right from the sink / Came back upstairs and put the shit right up in his face / What up now daddy? / I shot him in his face and smiled gladly." Powerful stuff. Despite the occasional attempt at radio-chummy fluff - the Michael Jackson inspired "I Can't Help It" and the millionth use of Roy Ayers on "Shines," Royal Flush's Ghetto Millionaire is, overall, a safe bet. Put your money where your mouth is and recognize one of the Q-Borough's most talented newcomers."