August 07, 2016

Thank You, Praverb The Wyse.

Reflecting on our brother, Praverb the Wyse, in the back of my mind today. I've said before, but he still inspires me in his absence; gives me something to aspire to with how he carried himself and brought light to others. Over the years, we’d spoken on e-mail and social media countless times and I always knew that if I made a suggestion, shared a vision or championed an artist, he would go to great lengths to carry that vision forward - whether I knew it or not. To me, that made him twice the man I ever was, because I always shy’d away from things, and I knew he was a torch-bearer for ideas I’d leave lost in a notepad. I am sorry that he didn’t hear that from me (more) directly; it’s a reminder to celebrate the people behind the scenes that work tirelessly and selflessly to advance a culture that can be so thankless at times. I honor you only by becoming more like you; staying inspired, and by paying it forward for those to follow behind me/us. As he humbly once told me, "It will get better fam..." Rest In Peace, Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb The Wyse... you are missed.