August 09, 2016

Ras Kass "Anything Goes" (The Source, August 1996)

"During this time of bicoastal animosity it's good to hear an MC who isn't easily categorized, and thus restricted, by his/her geographical location. Ras Kass, a fixture within the Southern California underground for some four or five years, does the listener a favor and lets his lyrics represent himself ... Both his delivery and production are solid and entertaining, although the lyrics are surprisingly commonplace for an innovator of Ras' stature. The song resolves around its chorus - "Big bank take little bank / Anything goes / Legal or illegal / However you make your cash flow" - and is shaped by Ras Kass' attitude of nonchalance and detached observation. He observes, like KRS-One, that "capitalism is pimps and hoes" and that "nowadays fools don't how to act / cuz we all wanna be Tony Montana," with the same monotone delivery he employs when commenting on his daily activities, his preference in woman and the po-po." Watch the video for "Anything Goes" below...

"At best, Ras Kass's lyrics are witty and his delivery casual and conversational. Anything goes is sure to get some airplay outside of the left coast, yet you probably won't be hearing it booming from many rides or on many mixed tapes. It seems as if the dictates of the industry and the market have Ras Kass playing it safe, accepting the mundane - as defined by Ras's stratospheric abilities - rather than risking the extremes of a hit-or-miss single that may make or break a burgeoning career." - The Source, August 1996; save a copy of the review below if you're interested.