August 05, 2016

"Make Some Noise" (Toronto Hip-Hop Documentary, 1994)

"Make Some Noise" is an hour -long documentary that examines the underground rap music scene in Toronto. It focuses on the rappers, disc jockeys, managers, producers, radio annoucers, and personalities who helped create Canadian hip hop culture. It includes a rap-star cast which includes early appearances by Ghetto Concept, Thrust, a youthful Mos Def, Dan-E-O, Wio-K, Da Grassroots and Farley Flex. The backdrop of the film mostly takes place in the neighbourhoods of Rexdale, Bloorcourt, Scarborough and the once lauded CKLN, Ryerson University’s community radio station. This essential survey of Toronto's burgeoning rap scene in the early '90s received a Special Jury Citation for Best Canadian Short Film when it screened at the Festival in 1994. Produced at a time when, despite the breakthrough success of Maestro Fresh-Wes, hip hop was still largely absent from Canadian airwaves, the film profiles some of the key players of the era, from groups like Nu Black Nation, Da Grassroots, and Ghetto Concept to producers, DJs, graffiti artists, and record-store owners. Featuring dynamic performances and frank testimony from the young musicians (most of whom hail from Rexdale) about still-pressing issues — institutionalized racism, police harassment, the stereotyping of Black musicians as "gangstas," etc. — Make Some Noise remains as vital and relevant as when it was made. Directed by Andrew Munger. More information available at UGSMag.