August 08, 2016

Ali Vegas "Generation Gap" (Billboard, 12/9/00)

"One day, Ali Vegas is in the office freestyling for the TrackMasters production staff, and days later the 18-year-old MC from Queens is in the studio with the hit squad, recording songs that comprise his debut album, "Generation Gap," dropping on Trackmasters/Columbia Feb. 27. His first single, "Theme Of N.Y.," is commercially released Dec. 12. Vegas (aka Ollie Williams) has create a strong buzz by appearing on mixtapes with songs like "The Specialist" and "Gangsta's Life" featuring Capone (Capone-N-Noreaga). As a pre-pubescent rapper, Vegas was fortunate to have hip-hop artists like members of Onyx, Tragedy and Panama P.I. mentor him so that he was more than prepared when opportunity knocked." You can stream the full "Generation Gap" project, cont'd below...

"I was young, and a lot of people don't (work) with young people because they have got to go through court processes and everything," he recalls. "I got a lot of experience because those guys kept me around." His album features tracks with AZ, Capone, Panama P.I., as well as the Urban Wolves - his clique. In-house producers from Urban Wolves Entertainment join TrackMasters in producing Vegas' set. "I just want people to respect me," he says about the hopes of his debut set. "Cause you can make a hot record and people don't respect you. I want respect." - Billboard, 12/00.