August 12, 2016

New York Live, WNYU (April 10, 1996)

"Here's a little more then half the show from this night. Luckily I have all the guests. The X-Men are introduced on the first mic break (5:12) and then proceed to get busy. Roc Raida goes first (7:13) then Rob Swift (11:08) and finally Mista Sinista (18:21). After their sets they get on the mic and discuss a little of the history of the X-Men as well as their new VHS release "X-Ercize" put out by Fat Beats (24:02). DJ Riz gets back on afterwards and plays some more new joints up until the next mic break (53:18) where Mayhem announces INI is about to get on, but not before Pete Rock gets on the wheels for a bit (56:37). INI finally join in (68:05) with an interview and freestyle and then the show goes right into Lace Da Booms (80:37) who closes out the night." - via DJ Eclipse