August 05, 2022

Raekwon Defends ODB's Memory (Rock The Bells, 2006)

On the night of August 5, 2006, Steve-O attended the "Rock The Bells IV" Hip-Hop Festival in San Bernardino, California. The concert was headlined by the Wu-Tang Clan and the event was organized as a tribute to clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.). While on stage with the Wu-Tang, Steve-O proceeded to show his affection for ODB by getting nude, tucking his penis between his legs and doing a back flip... while Ol' Dirty's mom was in attendance. Raekwon took to the mic and expressed his ill-feelings on the incident and threatened to knock him out if he didn't apologize. That night, a member in attendance shared more about the incident: "Wu-Tang was one of many acts to grace the stage at the show, and during their tribute to ODB, for some reason, STEVE-O from Jackass comes out on stage and embarrasses himself and disgraces ODB (in front of his mother no less) by doing a "dirty stunt" ... claiming that he wanted to do it because he was recently locked in the same jail cell that ODB stayed in at one point in L.A. county jail. Steve-O proceeded to pull off his clothes (surrounded by all remaining members of the WU and in front of an ODB painting) and tuck his 'ish behind his legs and do a backflip... Afterwards the RZA made a comment about Steve-O belonging in a Zoo, then went on with the show... but a couple songs later, Raekwon brought Steve-O front and center and told him over the mic that if he didn't apologize for the disgusting display, he would knock him out on the spot. With a trembling voice, Steve-O apologized to the Wu-Tang and ODB's mother, much to the approval of the crowd." Of course, there's video of the incident, and Raekwon later addressed it in a 2013 VladTV interview, as well, where Rae shared: "Rest In Peace, my brother... I was livid... My brother dead and THIS is what you're doing? And you got his mother there... Is you crazy? N!gg@s coulda bit his face off!" Rest In Peace, Ol' Dirty Bastard. Salute, Raekwon the Chef! Edit: the full video was removed after this post, but below is the portion of Rae talking to Steve-O.

Original flyer for Rock The Bells IV, 2006...