August 16, 2022

DJ Eclipse "Coffee Syrup" (Mixtape, 1998)

DJ Eclipse's contributions to hip-hop are vast with a resume that includes Wild Pitch, Fat Beats, The Halftime Radio, Rap Is Outta Control, Non Phixion, Uncle Howie Records, Rock Steady Crew and more! One of the most technically clean DJs you'll ever see, everything he does is sharp and precise. In 1998, Eclipse released the cassette mix titled, Coffee Syrup. The tracklist includes joints from Common, M.O.P., Tha Alkaholiks, Diamond D, Reflection Eternal, Street Smartz, Sir Menelik, Gang Starr, Rakim, Non Phixion, Mr. Live, L-Fudge, Mos Def, Organized Konfusion, AK Skills, DJ Babu, Organized Konfusion, Indelible MCs, Defari, RZA and more. Between Fat Beats and his NYU college radio show, The Halftime Show, Eclipse was helping to amplify the music that would help birth the entire independent hip-hop scene (especially out of New York). These were many of those artists and records, below the radar and holds up as well today as it did back in '98. Props to the OG, Eclipse.