May 04, 2022

RUN-DMC "Down With The King" (May 4, 1993)

Run DMC Down With The King Advertisement 1993

RUN DMC are the ultimate pioneers of Rap, and on this day in 1993, they released their final good album, 'Down With The King,' through Profile Records. I remember coppin' the 12" for 'Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do?' at J&R near my mother's job at the World Trade Center; an unlikely place to cop a 12". Of course, the title track features one of Pete Rock's classic beats, and its amazing it wasn't the lead single. For those in graffiti culture, 'King' was a term for writers and most of us were heavy into bombing - especially at that time. I also grew up in the section of Queens nearest to 'Christ The King' High School, which made the song all the more popular in my area. In reality, the title was arguably more of a reference to their past title 'King of Rock,' finding God between their last album 'Back From Hell' in 1990 and a little braggadocio. With the strength of the previously mentioned singles and the EPMD-assisted 'Can I Get It, Yo,' the album was definitely looked at more favorably than 'Back From Hell,' which was a hot mess. 'Down With The King' had production from Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Kay Gee, The Bomb Squad, Jermaine Dupri, etc. Of course, Rest in Peace to Jam Master Jay! 

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